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Re: 20010208: IP for aqua.atmos.uah.edu?

Hi Scott, 

We have you as aqua.nsstc.uah.edu..and I believe that to be correct.

Do you still have an "ALLOW" line for Neil's machine:


Have there been any changes to your LDM recently that could explain Neil's

Please cc me on future correspondence.


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On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Unidata Support wrote:

> Jeff,
> The stats arriving here from uah are from aqua.nsstc.uah.edu
> and the machine accepts an ldmping from us.
> It appears they have changed their subnet name.
> Neil has tried the new name and gets rejected.
> Chiz
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> >Subject: IP for aqua.atmos.uah.edu?
> >Organization: UCAR/Unidata
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> Hi folks,
> aqua.atmos.uah.edu is suppose to be our failover. I noticed recent
> occasions logged for our ldm that both primary and failover had
> failed. Well, I then noticed that I cannot get a name/IP  resolution
> for aqua. Why, I don't know. But if aqua.atmos is still a valid
> ldm upstream server for us, then maybe I can put its IP in our hosts
> file and/or refer to it by IP in our ldmd.aqua.atmos.uah.edu failover
> conf. file.
> I don't see aqua.atmos.uah.edu listed in the current FOS topology
> as being an IDD site (only as failover for several of us) whereas
> there is an aqua.nsstc.uah.edu. I tried that site in our ldmd.conf
> and got access denied. Any ideas on this?
> Thanks, -Neil
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