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20010118: any ideas on cirrus.al.noaa.gov feed?

>From: Dallas Masters <address@hidden>
>Organization: CU
>Keywords: 200101181828.f0IISue22206 LDM ldmd.conf allow RECLASS


>I sent a message a couple of days ago concerning problems with my upstream
>feed cirrus.al.noaa.gov.  I was getting only NEXRAD data when my request
>was ANY, so I switched to only UNIDATA and EXP requests.  Then nothing
>came through.  I'm currently getting these data from my backup
>dragon.geog.ubc.ca, but it seems to have drop-outs of some surface data.
>Do you have any ideas on why cirrus is not properly feeding my host
>weather.colorado.edu?  Thanks.

Did you send an email to the administrator of the upstream site that
you are having problems with?  If not, you should as he can better
locate restrictions in his ldm.conf 'allow's.

The contact at cirrus.al.noaa.gov is:

Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>

Tom Yoksas

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