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20040202: ntl.case

Hi Paul,

Hope this helps...


Jeff Weber                                    address@hidden        :
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On Mon, 2 Feb 2004, Unidata Support wrote:

> ------- Forwarded Message
> >To: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
> >From: Paul Ruscher <address@hidden>
> >Subject: request for ntl.case file
> >Organization: UCAR/Unidata
> >Keywords: 200402022007.i12K7Up1001852
> Hi - any of the gempak distributions we have here are lacking the
> ntl.case file which is supposed to allow us to launch the NAWIPS
> applications using case study data more easily than modifying
> garp_defaults and other files.
> I've checked with Bret, our sysadmin, and he can't find it, either.  He
> is in the process of upgrading to the latest gempak but can't find it
> anywhere.
> Is it possible that you can email me as an attachment the file
> ntl.case, or point me to a site where I can download just that file?
> Thanks!  Paul
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> available in this way, you must let us know in each email you send to us.
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#!/bin/csh  -f
# ntl.case
# This script initializes the NAWIPS environment for viewing
# case study data (rather than real-time data).  
# Usage:
#      ntl.case  PATH 
# where PATH is the path to the top level of the case study data 
# directory tree (for example :/usr1/metdat/11mar93)
# Log:
# COMET         ??      Original version of script called ntl.csh
# P.Bruehl      11/95   New version

# Check for argument

if ( $#argv != 1 ) then
 echo " "
 echo "You must specify the PATH to the top level of the data directory tree" 
 echo "Example ntl.csl /usr1/metdat/11mar93"
 echo " "

# Check if there is another copy of NTL running.

rm -f ntl.file
/bin/ps -ef | grep ntl | grep -v ntl_reader | grep -v grep | grep -v ntl.case  
> ntl.file

if ( -e ntl.file) set ntlproc = `cat ntl.file`
if ( $#ntlproc != 0 ) then
 echo " "
 echo "WARNING! Another copy of NTL is running on your system.  You may not" 
 echo "run two copies of NTL on the same display device (HP monitor)." 
 echo -n "Do you want to continue? (y or n)"
 set resp = $<
 if ( $resp == "y" | $resp == "Y" ) then
   echo "Warning, NTL may not start up" 
   echo " "
   echo "OK. Please exit from first copy of NTL before running ntl.case again"
   echo " "
 rm ntl.file

# Start initialization of NTL

echo " "
echo "Initializing NTL for Case Study Data located in $1"

# Set top level data directory
setenv METDAT $1


# Set underlying data environment variables based on $METDAT

# Model data 
setenv MODEL            $METDAT/gempak/model/avn

# Satellite data
setenv SAT              $METDAT/images/sat
setenv NASAT            $METDAT/images/sat
setenv RAD              $METDAT/images/radar
# Observational data 
setenv NALDM            $METDAT/gempak
setenv NALDMSN          $METDAT/gempak/upperair
setenv SAO_GEM_DATA     $METDAT/gempak/surface
setenv TEXT_DATA        $METDAT/weather

# Insert GEMPAK variables here...
setenv GEMDATA          $METDAT/gempak

# Ntrans meta files
setenv  NTRANS_META     $METDAT/meta

# Afos emulator
setenv AFOS_DATA        $METDAT/raw/afos

# Re-set the NWX_TABLES directory to point at the tables/
# subdirectory in the NWX data directory (if it exists).

if ( -d $TEXT_DATA/tables )  then
        setenv NWX_TABLES $TEXT_DATA/tables

# Start up NTL in the background
ntl -s 20 $* &