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Re: 20021107: COMET casestudy 009

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From: "Ellen Bass" <address@hidden>
Subject: Data set
Organization: University of Virginia
Keywords: 200211070352.gA73qQX15590 COMET CaseStudy 009

We are doing a project to build a training tool for flight dispatchers
in order to teach them about icing.
We are trying to develop a scenario.
I saw the COMET Case Study 009: Complete Dataset
Site and was wondering how to get the data that is not on-line.


Ellen J. Bass
University of Virginia
Department of Systems and Information Engineering
P.O. Box 400747
151 Engineer's Way
Charlottesville, VA 22904
Phone: (434) 243-5531
Fax: (434) 982-2972

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All the Comet Cases are available in CDs for free. But you need to order them on line. Please following the instructions here: go to " http://www.joss.ucar.edu/cometCases/avail.html";, select 'COMET Case Study 009', then 'Dataset', then 'Complete Dataset', then 'Obtain Data and Information', then 'Search', then 'Continue', then enter your mailling information. This ordering system is not very straightforward, but right now there is no other choice and we need to use it to trace the usage. Let me know if you need any other help.