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Re: cyclone life-cycle


Your suggestion was well received by the COMET people, so I suspect it
will become a casestudy. If not tho' Liz Page indicated that she did store
MOST if not all the data associated with the event, so if you need to dump
some of your data for space requirements, feel comfortable that we also
have it stored here...in anticipation of case development, and we can get
all or some desired segment to you via ftp. 

Thanks again for your input..and have a Happy Halloween,

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On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, rockwooa wrote:

> Jeff,
> Thanks for following up.  I really do think it would make a nice case, but 
> does it fit into the philosophy COMET has for its cases?  Do they choose 
> their 
> cases based on the types of storm phenomemena that the NWS deals with, or 
> would something like this life-cycle case be of interest to them?  It 
> certainly would be useful for teaching, since we are always looking for 
> examples of basic weather events that can be used to demonstrate fundemental 
> principles.  The entire life-cycle of a 'classic' Low would be very nice, 
> especially this one that had such a wide variety of interesting weather 
> associated with it.  That's why I started saving it.
> The problem I have it that since it was such a long event (~a week), I don't 
> have enough room for much imagery.  I've kept a bit of satellite and some 
> radar, but not as much as I think there should be to make a complete data set.
>  The surface, U/A and model data are no problem.
> Anyway, I think it's a great idea and would vote in favor of it becoming an 
> official case.
> See ya,
> Tony
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