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20010508: GOES-7 data in case studies (fwd)

Hi Manda,

I passed this by our GEMPAK guru and we downloaded the images
and viewed them successfully. I think you may find some helpful
suggestions regarding directory structure for GEMPAK below...

Let me know if this does not address your problem.

Thank you,

  Sorry to bother you once again.....  We are unable to read
some satellite data from Comet case #12.  The data is from goes 7
in 1994.  We can read it in wxp but not in GARP.  We are running
GARP version 2.1 and GEMPAK 5.4   
Manda Adams

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I downloaded VIS and IR images for Case 12 via CODIAC and 
have no trouble displaying them. 

You are probably correct in asserting that they have not correctly
added GOES-7 to the list of directories searched for by the Garp GUI.

In my $GARPHOME/config/Garp_defaults the following definition exists:
G7    : "$(SATDIR)/GOES-7"

Too look for that directory, the $(G7) variable must be added to
the "sat" parameter list of paths, eg:

sat             : "$(G7) $(G8) $(G10) $(G11) $(G12) $(GINI) etc.   

Here is an example of my sat directory in ~gbuddy/incoming/sat




IR_19940327_0001  IR_19940327_1001  IR_19940327_1801  IR_19940328_0201
IR_19940328_1201  IR_19940328_2001
IR_19940327_0101  IR_19940327_1101  IR_19940327_1901  IR_19940328_0301
IR_19940328_1301  IR_19940328_2101
IR_19940327_0201  IR_19940327_1201  IR_19940327_2001  IR_19940328_0401
IR_19940328_1401  IR_19940328_2201
IR_19940327_0301  IR_19940327_1301  IR_19940327_2101  IR_19940328_0501
IR_19940328_1501  IR_19940328_2301
IR_19940327_0401  IR_19940327_1401  IR_19940327_2201  IR_19940328_0601
IR_19940327_0501  IR_19940327_1501  IR_19940327_2301  IR_19940328_0901
IR_19940327_0601  IR_19940327_1601  IR_19940328_0001  IR_19940328_1001
IR_19940327_0901  IR_19940327_1701  IR_19940328_0101  IR_19940328_1101

VIS_19940327_1201  VIS_19940327_1401  VIS_19940327_1601  VIS_19940327_1801
VIS_19940327_2001  VIS_19940327_2201
VIS_19940327_1301  VIS_19940327_1501  VIS_19940327_1701  VIS_19940327_1901
VIS_19940327_2101  VIS_19940327_2301

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