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Re: 20001114: Images for Erin

Hi Jason, 

I am sure I know of what imagery you are referring to.
If it is the case study of Hurricane Erin


has imagery as .gif files for IR and radar. These are only a sample tho
and if you wanted the entire case to be in .gif you would need to convert
the data to that format. Coming from Millersville I believe you have the
software package GEMPAK which the imagery is displayed quite nicely in and
there is a feature to save the image as a .gif file/

Selecting the top left "file" item from the menu and then select save.
This will save the image in .gif format

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On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Unidata Support wrote:

> A case study question?
> Chiz
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> I was wondering how I can get the data files in .gif or .jpg format is
> there a program for windows that can view these if not what program can
> I use in unix to convert these images to gif I thank you for you
> response.
> Jason Pippitt
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