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COMET Case Study 029 Montana Fire Weather (Oct30->Nov01, 1999) Now Freely Available

Case Study Users,

                     (30 OCTOBER -> 01 NOVEMBER, 1999)
A dry cold front passed through eastern Montana on 31 October 1999
bringing in a strong northwest wind behind it. Warmer and drier than
normal conditions existed in the region at this time, so with the addition
of strong wind, the fire danger rose greatly. Sustained winds of 50+ knots
and gusts to near 80 knots were reported in eastern Montana, driving fires
near the towns of Outlook and Wolf Point. Over $12 million in damages are
estimated statewide from the strong wind and fires.

This case expands the coverage of our Case Study Library to Fire Weather
events, and allows in-depth study of fire weather dynamics associated with
a dry cold front across Montana.
Case 029 is now freely available for searching, browsing, and ordering for
FTP download including data in McIDAS, GEMPAK, GRIB, ASCII Text, netCDF
and NIDS formats. This case also includes MM5 Model ouput in GEMPAK
To order case study 029 data, go to:

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