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Re:CODIAC data status

>Keywords:data available

Hi Al,

What we have currently available is posted..

Have you tried looking at the JOSS directory of available 
projects that are making data available:


This is a good place to look as well. Also, if you are aware of
interesting phenomana, or forecast challenges please forward your ideas
to us and hopefully we can create a case study to address your needs and

Thank you for using the COMET Case Study Library,

Jeff Weber
Unidata/NWS-COMET Case Study Library
University Corp for Atmospheric Research

> Hello,
> Thanks much for making this data available from the Jan 25 storm event.
> I was wondering, is it possible to get similar datasets for other events, even
> those not included as COMET Case Studies?  I don' t have anything particular 
> in
> mind right now, just a general question.
> Regards,
> Al Cope