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Re: GEMPAK to NetCDF or HDF Conerter?


We have some GEMPAK to netCDF decoders
what data do you have in GEMPAK?

i.e. model data, nids radar, surface obs, upper air, etc.
I believe they are not all decoded the same.

I will compile a list of the decoders we do have and send them out to you.

I apologize for the untimely response, but there is sickness brewing out
here in Boulder and I have not been in the office this week.

We will get you dialed in and thanks again for participating in the
COMET Case Study Library,

Jeff Weber
Unidata/NWS-COMET Case Study Library
University Corp for Atmospheric Research


On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Comet Research Account wrote:

> Greetings!
> I am helping Dr. Ross here at Millersville University download and
> organize the CODIAC data to use in in-class exercises.  We use GARP a
> great deal so I downloaded the data in GEMPAK format.  Now, one of the
> classes I am taking is on how to use and program in IDL.  I would love to
> be able to use my new knowledge of IDL to make some 3D analysis plots with
> the case study data.  The easiest way would be to use data in NetCDF or
> HDF format.  Does anyone know of a converter to change GEMPAK into NetCDF
> or HDF?  I am aware of a GRIB to NetCDF converter, however, I would rather
> not have to convert twice (Grib to GEMPAK and Grib to NetCDF) for every
> case study we do an exercise for.  GEMPAK to NetCDF would be ideal.
> Any and all help greatly appreciated!
> --Chris Dutton
> Meteorology Major @ Millersville University