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COMET Case Study 23 "Winter Severe Weather" November 8-11,1998 available

Hello case study users,

 This case follows the development of a strong extratropical cyclone that
 took place from 8-11 November 1998. Severe weather that accompanied the
 case included blizzard conditions in the Upper Midwest and severe
 thunderstorms over the Mississippi Valley.
 The case allows the study of extratropical cyclone development from
 initial to mature stages.
 Case 023 is now available for searching, browsing, and ordering for FTP
 download including data in GRIB, McIDAS, GEMPAK, and NIDS formats.
                      -----NEW FORMAT AVAILABLE-----
 Data for Case 023 is also available in netCDF, AWIPS compatible, format
 when ordered as a complete dataset through the CODIAC WWW system. This is
 the fifth case made available in this format. 

 To order case study 023 data, go to
 For a detailed description of case study 023 and other training support
 documentation, see COMET Case Study 023 at:

 Additional case studies and other case studies handling this type of
 event can be found at:
                          -----FUTURE CASES-----
 The next case study to be released is the January 24-26, 2000 East Coast
 Storm that was challenging to forecast for many models and forecast
 offices. The release of this case is anticipated within the next 4 weeks.

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 Thank you for participating in the COMET Case Study Library,

Jeff Weber
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Liz Page
NWS/OM Case Study Meteorologist