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Re: 00Z May 3 data

Hello Kevin, 

Thank you for accessing the COMET Case Study Library.
Unfortunately you are correct in your assessment of data
availability from COMET Case 019. COMET archives some data
products that are not included in our case studies so I have forwarded
your request to Elizabeth Page and Dolores Kiessling of COMET. I do not
know if they have the data you require, but this is a good avenue to
pursue. Another possibility is to subscribe to the needdata mail list
provided by unidata at the URL:


and requesting help from the list.

Often individuals within the community can help fill data voids.

I wish I could have supplied you with the data, hopefully one of these
other channels will prove fruitful.

Jeff Weber
Unidata/COMET Case Study Library
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

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> Subject: 00Z May 3 data
> I've been collecting data from the COMET case study for the Oklahoma tornado 
> out
> break.  I have found plenty of good stuff, but I can't find any model data 
> initi
> alized at 00Z May 3.  Everything I've found starts at 12Z May 3 or 00Z May 4. 
>  I
> 'm trying to initialize a MASS model run and I need earlier data.  Have I 
> been s
> earching wrong or is it not there at all?
> Kevin Lux   
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