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Re: Archived Data Available for NWS Research Projects


Hi Bernard,

I am more the contact for case study issues.

Elizabeth Page at COMET is a more direct contact for archive data

Her e-mail is:


I will forward this this message to her as well.

Jeff Weber
Unidata/COMET Case Studies
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research


On 20 Sep 1999, Bernard Meisner wrote:

>      Hi Jeff!
>      We sometimes receive requests from our SOOs or field forecasters for 
>      archived model output, staellite/radar imagery, observations, etc. for 
>      research projects.  I'm writing a "SOO/DOH Letter" that will cover all 
>      the various sources of such information.
>      Are you the appropriate person at COMET for the SOOs to contact for 
>      data requests?
>      Can you please remind me again exactly what data and model output 
>      files you have available, and for what time period do you retain the 
>      files?
>      Thanks!
>      Bernard N. Meisner
>      Scientific Services Division
>      NWS Southern Region
>      (817) 978-2671