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Re: comet case study #15

Hi Dave and Bob,

We have found the missing AVN data for case 15.  We have put the data
on the COMET ftp site, ftp.comet.ucar.edu, in the pub/noble directory.
The files on the ftp site are in GEMPAK format and each file contains
the entire run, i.e., all forecast hours.  We will also be adding the
data to the CODIAC system in the next week or so.

Dave:  we also have the RUC data you requested from the needdata
e-mail list.  It is in the same ftp location as mentioned above.  Do
you guys think it would be useful to have this data in the CODIAC
system?  Do you have any lab materials covering this time period?  If
so, would you be willing to share it with us so we can make it
available to others?


Dave Noble writes:
 > Hello all, 
 > This is Dave Noble and I am trying to download the 12z 4/29/98 AVN run and
 > all I get from that run is (00,03,06,09,12,15,18,21,24,60,66,72).  On your
 > webpage it states that the dataset contains forecasts going out three days
 > (at 00,06,12,18,24,36,48,60,72) for each run.
 > I have already tried downloading it twice and when I gunzipped and untared
 > the files, I received 12 files all labeled really weird and added _avn.gem
 > to the end of them to look at them in GARP.
 > Do you know how I could get the missing time?
 > dave noble