Unidata netCDF Mailing-Lists

We maintain the netcdfgroup@unidata.ucar.edu mailing-list to support discussion on matters of common interest to netCDF users. This mailing-list is intended for discussions and announcements about netCDF interfaces, software, and use. The volume of this list varies widely, from one message per month to a dozen messages per day (especially after a new release). A message posted to this mailing-list will be seen by several hundred people, so it's usually not appropriate for asking simple questions about use. Such questions should instead be sent to support-netcdf@unidata.ucar.edu.

If you would prefer to get only a single daily digest of the postings to the netcdfgroup mailing-list, subscribe instead to the digest form of the mailing-list, containing the same messages but appearing at most once per day instead of whenever anyone sends a message to the group.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to either of these mailing lists, use one of these mailing list actions:   [ subscribe: non-digest ]   [ subscribe: digest ]   [ change subscription options ]   [ view posts ] .

Sending Messages to the Lists

You must be a subscriber to the netcdfgroup mailing-list in order to post a message. Messages sent to netcdfgroup@unidata.ucar.edu will be distributed to all subscribers, usually within a minute or two of being sent. These are automatically accumulated and sent once per day as a single message to the subscribers of the digest form of the mailing-list.

Please don't send a request to change your subscription or to change your e-mail address to the netcdfgroup mailing-list, because it won't work, and it will annoy other subscribers. Instead use the [ change subscription options ] action.

Archives of Past Messages

Past postings to the netcdfgroup mailing-list are available from [ the archive ] .