NetCDF Binaries
This is a collection of unsupported netCDF binaries for old versions of netCDF, compiled for various platforms. Unidata only supports a source release for newer versions, except for platforms that are difficult to build from source, such as Windows Visual Studio environments. The current downloads can always be found on the netCDF downloads page.

NetCDF 4.0 (June 2008)

See the NetCDF 4.0 downloads page.

NetCDF 3.6.3 (June 2008)

See the NetCDF 3.6.3 downloads page.

NetCDF 3.6.2 (April 2007)

See the NetCDF 3.6.2 downloads page.

NetCDF 3.6.1 (February 2006)

NetCDF 3.6.0-p1 (February 2005)

NetCDF 3.6.1-beta1 (January 2005)

NetCDF 3.5.1 (February 2004)

NetCDF 3.5.0 (March 2001)