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Downloading the LDM-McIDAS Package

LDM-McIDAS package is freely available as program source and as binary distributions for a wide range of platforms supported by the UPC.

Please read the following notes before downloading the package.

Source Distribution

The most current source version of LDM-McIDAS is always available in the compressed tar file ftp://ftp.unidata.ucar.edu/pub/ldm-mcidas/ldm-mcidas.tar.gz.

Binary Distributions

Binary distributions for select operating systems are listed the following table.

/web/ftp/pub/binary/darwin_9.6-i386/ldm-mcidas-2008.tar.gz /web/ftp/pub/binary/darwin_8.11-power_macintosh/ldm-mcidas-2008.tar.gz

Version 2008

Version 2004

Version 2003

Version 2002b





























Sun Solairs x86 7






If your operating system is not in this list, you may need to build the LDM-McIDAS decoders from source. Rembember, however, that most applications built on a previous version of an OS will run on a newer version of the OS.

Information on building ldm-mcidas from source is found in the next section, Building and Installing. Please contact Unidata User Support for additional assistance.

Download Procedure

Since the LDM-McIDAS decoders are used almost exclusively with the LDM, we strongly suggest installing them in the ldm account.
    <login as the user ldm>

    Type: cd ~ldm
    Type: mkdir ldm-mcidas
    Type: cd ldm-mcidas

    <download the LDM-McIDAS source or binary distribution compressed tar
    file to this directory>

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Send questions/comments to <support-ldm-mcidas AT unidata.ucar.edu>.