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LibCF (NetCDF CF Library)

LibCF The netCDF CF Library, or libCF, uses the netCDF API to aid in the creation, processing and sharing of scientific data files which conform to the Climate and Forecast (CF) conventions.

See the libCF package overview
Other NetCDF Libraries
LibCF Build Testing

testingView the lastest build output of the latest libCDF snapshot distribution on a variety of platforms, with a variety of build environments.

View libCDF build test output
Questions About libCF?

Questions or comments about libCF can be sent to:

LibCF Documentation & Training

Documentation LibCF software documentation contains a wealth of useful information. The training information and tutorials used during the NetCDF training workshops are available online as a resource to our community.

LibCF Documentation
  • Download libCF Download* the daily snapshot of libCF. (*Note: libCF is still in the early phases of development.)
  • Software Requirements View the software requirements for the use of the netCDF CF Library (libCF).
  • Documentation Site A libCF documentation site provides extensive information on the libCF package.
  • SourceForge Visit the libCF SourceForge site for development information and SVN access to the code.
  • GRIDSPEC Information about development in the libCF library in the GRIDSPEC project.
LibCF Training

Unidata holds annual workshops in Boulder, Colorado to train users in Unidata-supported software.

  • Workshop Tutorial The netCDF workshop tutorial has a section devoted to the use of the libCF library.

Questions About libCF Documentation & Training?

Questions or comments about libCF documentation or training can be sent to:

LibCF Help & Support

LibCF-Related Support Requests

Request Support To submit a libCF-related support reques, submit an email to one of the following addresses, or use the support request form to compose your queries.

Support Topic Email Address
LibCF support-libcf
NetCDF support-netcdf

Complete list of all Unidata support queues

Ways to Get Support

LibCF Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists LibCF-related mailing lists of general interest for discussing installation issues and troubleshooting, as well as general software announcments and bug fixes, etc.

List Name List Description
Low list traffic
Discussion of the NetCDF-CF Library (libCF), a C/Fortran library. The libCF supports the creation of scientific data files conforming to the CF conventions, using the netCDF API.
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High list traffic
netcdfgroup is an unmoderated mailing list for announcements, discussions, bug reports, and questions about netCDF software. Typical postings include announcements of new versions, patches, and bug fixes; questions about representing specific data relationships using the netCDF model; general discussions about scientific data access, including the use of other interfaces; and discussion of issues and priorities affecting the further development of the netCDF interfaces and software. Questions and discussion about porting the software to new platforms should be in the netcdf-porting mailing list.
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Low list traffic
low list traffic
Medium list traffic
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High list traffic
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