A scour configuration-file (typically scour.conf) tells the scour utility that reads it what directories to recursively check for old files and what the maximum age of the files should be. This file normally resides in the etc/ subdirectory of the LDM installation.

The syntax of a entry in the configuration-file is

dir maxAge [pattern]
is a directory pathname. The tilde character (~) may be used to represent the user's home-directory. The scour utility will recursively descend the directory hierarchy beginning at the specified directory. It will follow symbolic links.
is the maximum age, in days, for the files in the directory. Files that are not directories and that are older than this will be deleted. Directories are not deleted.
is an optional pattern used for filename expansion. The default is "*" (which matches all files). Definitive information on patterns used for filename expansion can be found here.
and the fields are separated by whitespace. Comments have a hash character (#) in column one.