LDM RPM Installation


First, let me acknowledge that I am not an RPM expert. Consequently, if you have a suggestion on how to improve the RPM installation process, then please send it to support-ldm@unidata.ucar.edu.

Installing from an RPM is, necessarily, less flexible than installing from source. In particular, the following constraints apply:

Installations Steps

  1. Become the superuser (i.e., "root").
  2. Download the appropriate RPM from ftp://ftp.unidata.ucar.edu/pub/ldm/.
  3. Install the package with the command
    rpm --install [--prefix=ldmhome] rpm-file
    where rpm-file is the RPM file that you just downloaded. The square brackets denote an optional argument in which ldmhome is the home-directory of the LDM user. The default home-directory is /opt/ldm. This option must be used if
    1. An LDM user account exists on the platform with a home-directory that differs from the default; or
    2. An LDM user account doesn't exist on the platform and you want the LDM user to have a home-directory that differs from the default.