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1.4 Documentation and Support
Where to find Help and Support for the IDV
If you are having problems installing or using the IDV, or want to know how to perform a particular task, you have several resources to help you out.
1.4.0  IDV Documentation
Extensive documentation is available for the IDV
1.4.1  IDV Mailing Lists
The IDV email lists, "idvusers" and "idvdevelopers" put you in contact with other IDV users and developers
1.4.2  Getting help from Unidata Support
For qualified users, the Unidata Program Center provides direct support via email.
1.4.0 IDV Documentation
The first source of support is this IDV User's Guide. It contains complete instructions for downloading, installing, running, and using the IDV reference application and all its features. The User's Guide can be accessed from the IDV Help->User's Guide menu or online at:

Be sure to check the IDV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the Known Problems pages of the User's Guide to see if your question can be answered there.

Additional documentation is available on the IDV homepage:


There is also a gallery of examples displays created in the IDV.
1.4.1 IDV Mailing Lists

"idvusers" is a list for all IDV users. The intended topics of discussion are any matters pertaining to use of the IDV reference application, downloading and running the IDV, data sources and formats for use in the IDV, and sharing of IDV based materials (bundles, educational materials, etc). This list is used by the Unidata Program Center to announce new releases of the IDV.

"idvdevelopers" is a discussion email list for IDV developers who are using IDV source code to build customized or new IDV-based applications. The software developers of the IDV are subscribers to this list and may be able to help with questions about use of the IDV software framework.

You must be subscribed to the list before you can post to it. Subscribe to the email lists at :

1.4.2 Getting help from Unidata Support
Unidata provides direct support via email for its software packages to institutions offering college-level courses for credit, and to non-profit institutions with education or research missions.

Note: there are conditions on accessing or obtaining support.

If you are unable to find the answers to your IDV questions/problems in the references above (especially searching the support e-mail archives if you encounter an error), AND you are a member of a qualified institution outlined above, you can contact Unidata User Support and request help.

There are 3 methods which you can use to contact the Unidata User Support:

  1. Fill out the support form available from the Help->Support Request Form... menu. Please include as much information as possible about the problem. (See Below).
  2. Fill out the support form available on the Unidata Support page:

    Please include as much information as possible about the problem. (See Below).

  3. If you cannot use the forms above, you can send a message directly to Please use this email address only for IDV related questions.
Questions and answers to Unidata User Support are archived so there is a record of past solutions to problems. If you do not wish your email to be in the public domain please say so in each email.

Please look at the IDV FAQ and the list of Known Problems and search the e-mail archives before reporting a problem. Many times, your question has already been answered in one of those resources. Please read "Reporting Errors to Unidata Support" below before sending in a report.

Reporting Errors to Unidata Support
If you experience unexpected behavior from the IDV other than the known problems listed in the Known Problems section, please let us know. Be sure to search the support e-mail archives before submitting an error report to Unidata Support. Links for searching the e-mail lists and support archives are available from the IDV homepage.

Check for related error messages in the IDV Console, and include the appropriate error messages in your message to us.

Also include as much information as you can about how you were running the IDV and what happened:

Send this information to Unidata User Support using one of the methods outlined above.

Support Response
We make every effort to reply to IDV questions in a timely manner. Because Unidata's primary mission is to serve geo-scientists and students at U.S. colleges and universities, problems reported by that community necessarily receive first attention.


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