Unidata FNEXRAD Products

The FNEXRAD data feed distributes national composite images (most are 1 km resolution) for various NEXRAD level 3 products. While only the N0R base reflectivity product has been made available as grib2, Unidata is considering adding more products in both grib2 and GINI format (see bottom of page). The images shown below side-by-side compare GINI products with gridded products.

DHR - Digital Hybrid Reflectivity

DVL - Digital Vertically Integrated Liquid

EET - Enhanced Echo Tops

HHC - Hybrid Hydrometeor Classification

N0R - Base Reflectivity

N1P - One Hour Precipiation

NTP - Storm Total Precipitation

Future Composite Products on FNEXRAD

OHA - One Hour Precipiation Accumulation

DAA - One Hour Digital Accumulation Array

DTA - Digital Storm Total Precipiation