GEMPAK Manual | Programs | Parameters

     TYPE specifies the processing type for the GDPLOT2 GDPFUN parameter.
     The TYPE list does not need separators, however slashes could be
     used for clarity:

		type 1 / type 2 / ... / type n

     Valid inputs for type are:

	C	the original GEMPAK contouring algorithm
	F	contour fill algorithm
	X	box algorithm -- same as contour fill, but draws lines 
		around the polygons rather than filling in polygons.
	P	plot grid point values
	D	plot scaler as a directional arrow

	A	wind arrows
	B	wind barbs
	S	streamlines

	M	plot grid point markers
	G	plot grid indices (row/column numbers)

     Note that contour attributes are specified in CONTUR.  The contour 
     interval and line characteristics for types C, S and X are read
     from CINT and LINE and for type F from FINT and FLINE.  The wind
     arrow and barb characteristics are read from WIND.  The streamline
     characteristics are read from STREAM.  The marker characteristics 
     are read from MARKER.  The grid point index characteristics are 
     read from GRDLBL.


	TYPE = C	--	draws contour lines

	TYPE = C / F	--	draws filled contours overlaid with lines

	TYPE = A	--	plots wind arrows

	TYPE = BS	--	plots wind barbs and streamlines

	TYPE = CFMP	--	draws contour lines and fill, plots a marker
				at all grid point locations and the
				grid point values at all locations