GEMPAK Manual | Programs | Parameters


     TEXT is the size, font, text width and hardware/software flag for 
     graphics text separated with slashes:

		text size / font / width / border /
		rotation / justification / hw flag

     The size may be a real number multiplier for the default text
     size.  If the size is zero or unspecified, the current size
     will be used.
     The size may also be a name, or the first character of a name.
     The name is converted to a real number multiplier.  For hardware
     text, the named sizes correspond to discrete point sizes.  Sizes
     other than the named sizes will be rounded to the nearest point
     size.  Any size may be given for software text.  The standard
     names and size values are given in the table FONTSZ.TBL:

		Name		Size	HW Point
		----		----	--------
		Tiny		0.714	   10
		Small		0.857	   12
		Medium		1.000	   14
		Large		1.286	   18
		Huge		1.714	   24
		Giant		2.429	   34

     The text width is the integer line width to be used in generating 
     software text.  If the text size, font or width is not specified, 
     the current value is used.

     The text border is a border/blank fill flag.  If the input value is
     less than or equal to zero, the current value is used.  Border is a
     three digit number, ABC, where:

	A - Border	B - Blank Fill		C - Border Type
	----------	--------------		---------------
	1 = No		1 = No			1 = Regular Box
	2 = Yes		2 = Yes			2 = Low Pressure Box
			3 = Reverse video	3 = High Pressure Box
						4 = Freezing Level Box
						5 = Underline
						6 = Overline

     If reverse video is selected, the text color and background color
     are switched.  The result is similar to a photographic negative.
     Low and high border types refer to the low and high outlines for
     use on aviation forecast products.
     The text rotation is a character input that specifies whether the
     text is aligned with the screen (S) or with north (N) on a given
     image. If the choice is invalid or not specified, the current value
     will be used.

     The text justification is a character input that specifies whether
     the text is justified to the center (C), right (R), or left (L). 
     If the choice is invalid or not specified, the current value will
     be used.

     The hardware/software selector must be HW or SW to change to 
     hardware- or software-generated text.  This selector can appear
     anywhere in the string.

     The font number must be specified by using the HW selector and 
     choosing a font number from the list below.

	Courier	        1	  11	   21	      31
	Helvetica	2	  12	   22	      32
	Times	        3	  13	   23	      33

     There are also four software fonts. 

	Mixed Case     		1	  --	   21	      --
	All Upper Case		2	  --	   22	      --
	Helvetica Emulation	3	  --	   23	      --
	Times Emulation     	4	  14	   24	      34

     If a font does not support a particular style, the next lower
     style is used instead. For example, font 1 does not support Italic,
     therefore Italic is converted to regular.

     If a particular device driver does not support hardware fonts,
     the requested font is emulated using the appropriate software font. 

	TEXT = 1/21/SW		--	text size = 1; bold software font 1

	TEXT = 1/2/HW		--	text size = 1; hardware text font 2
	TEXT = 2.5		--	text size = 2.5; current text font

	TEXT = 1.24///221/s/c   --	text size = 1.24; current text font;
					current text width; Border = yes,
					Blank fill = yes, Border type = box;
					screen relative; center justified