GEMPAK Manual | Programs | Parameters


     PANEL specifies the panel location, panel outline color, line type 
     and width separated with slashes:

		panel location / outline color / line type / width / region

     The panel location determines the location of the view region on the 
     graphics device.  It may be specified using a number or abbreviation 
     as follows:

	0	ALL	 	Entire device
	1	UL		Upper left quadrant
	2	UR		Upper right quadrant
	3	LL		Lower left quadrant
	4	LR		Lower right quadrant
	5	L		Left half
	6	R		Right half
	7	T		Top half
	8	B		Bottom half

     An easy 9-panel capability uses abbreviations M1,...,M9 which will
     be laid out on the page as:

		M1	M2	M3

		M4	M5	M6
		M7	M8	M9

     Horizontal or vertical panels which divide the screen into thirds or
     fourths may be created using the syntax Tij where T is either V for
     vertical or H for horizontal, i is 3 for thirds or 4 for fourths,
     and j is the actual panel counting from the top or left.

     The view region may also be specified as four numbers separated with 
     semicolons, giving the lower left and upper right corners in fractions 
     of the graphics display area.  The origin is in the lower left of the 
     display.  For example, the lower left quadrant can be given as:


     If the panel location is unspecified, the current location is unchanged.

     The panel outline color, line type and line width specify the values 
     used to draw a box around the specified region.  The valid regions are
     VIEW, PLOT and DEVICE.  If the color is 0 or unspecified, no box is drawn.