GEMPAK Manual | Programs | Parameters


     OUTPUT determines the output devices.  The valid devices are the 
     terminal (T), a file (F) or none (N).  

     Specify the output devices desired by entering the appropriate 
     letters with no separators.

     If output is sent to a file, the file name may be specified after a 
     slash.  If no file name is entered, the output will be written to 
     "program.fil", where "program" is the name of the program being 

     If N appears anywhere in the output string other than in the file name, 
     no output will be generated.


	OUTPUT =	f / data.dat	--	output will be written
				                to data.dat

	OUTPUT =		        -- 	when no output device is
				                specified, is sent to the

	OUTPUT =	tf	        --	output sent to the terminal
				                and to the file program.fil
				                where program is the GEMPAK
				                program being run.