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     MAP is the map color, line type and line width separated by slashes:

		map color / line type / line width / filter flag

     If the color is 0, the map is not drawn.  If the map color, line 
     type, or line width is blank, a default of 1 is used.

     Additional help for colors is available in COLORS; help on line types
     can be found in LINE.

     The filter flag is used to reduce the number of points used to draw
     the map lines.  Valid values for the filter flag are YES and NO.
     The default is NO.

     The attributes for multiple maps may be set by separating the settings
     for each map with a plus sign (+).  If the number of attribute groups
     is less than the number of map files, the last group of settings is
     used for the remaining maps.


		MAP	= 1//2 + 2//3
		$MAPFIL	= hicnus.nws + hipowo.cia

		MAP	= 17
		$MAPFIL	= hipowo.cia + lorvwo.cia + lakes.cia