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     LINE is the color, line type, line width, line label freqency, 
     smoothing separated by slashes, and flag to suppress small contours.  The 
     individual values in each group are separated by semicolons:


     For example:

		LINE = 1;2 / 7;8 / 4;5 / 2 / 2 / T
     assigns colors 1 and 2 to alternate lines, dashing patterns 7 and 8 to 
     alternate lines, line widths 4 and 5 to alternate lines, and labels 
     every other line.  Smoothing level 2 is used on all lines. Contours with
     7 points or less wil not be drawn.

     If any specification is missing, a default of 1 is used.  Except for the
     smoothing, which defaults to 0, or no smoothing.  If a color number of 0
     is given, no plotting will be done. The suppress small contour flag will 
     default to F, drawing small contours. 
     Information on color selection can be found in the help for COLORS.

     There are ten distinct line types:

	1	-	solid
	2	-	short dashed
	3	-	medium dashed
	4	-	long dash short dash
	5	-	long dash
	6	-	long dash three short dashes
	7	-	long dash dot
	8	-	long dash three dots
	9	-	medium dash dot
	10	-	dotted

     These patterns can be expanded or compressed by prefixing the single 
     digit with a number from 1 to 9.  A prefix of 1 compresses the pattern, 
     2 is the default and prefixes 3 -- 9 expand the basic pattern.  For 
     example, 32 expands line type 2 while 12 compresses the same pattern.

     If the line type is set to a single negative number, negative contour
     values will use the absolute value of the line type, and positive
     values will be solid.

     If the label information is a single number, n, then every nth line 
     will be labelled.  If the label information is a single number, -n,
     then every nth line will be labelled, however, there will not be a break
     in the line for the label.  If a label is a sequence of numbers separated
     by semicolons, lines corresponding to values other than 0 will be
     labelled.  The pattern established will be repeated to accommodate all

     The smoothing level is an integer which specifies the amount of 
     smoothing to apply using a parametric curve function.  The current values
     are 0, 1 and 2 which correspond to no smoothing and two levels of 
     increasing smoothing.

     The filter is a real value that specifies the amount of filtering of the
     points on a line.  Smaller values allow for more points, while larger
     values reduce the number of points on the line.  Valid values are in the
     range of 0.0 to 1.0.  The default is 0.0 which means that no reduction
     in the number of points will occur. 

     The suppress small contour flag allows the user to specify whether or not
     to draw a contour with 7 points or less. The default is F or FALSE which 
     allows all contours to be drawn. Setting the flag to T or TRUE will have
     the small contours not drawn.