GEMPAK Manual | Programs | Parameters

     IMCBAR specifies the characteristics of a color bar for images. 
     The attributes are separated by slashes:

	   color / orientation / anchor / x;y / length;width / 

     Color is the color of the labels and the bounding box around the
     color bar.  If color is negative, the bounding box will not be drawn, 
     and labels will be drawn in colors corresponding to the color bar.
     If the color is 0 or missing, no color bar is drawn.
     Orientation specifies a vertical or horizontal orientation of the
     color bar where 'V' is a vertical bar and 'H' is a horizontal bar.
     The default is 'V'.

     Anchor describes the location on the color bar corresponding to
     the location given in the next parameter.  Valid inputs are 
     LL, LC, LR, CL, CC, CR, UL, UC, and UR for lower-left, lower-center, 
     lower-right, center-left, centered, center-right, upper-left, 
     upper-center, and upper-right, respectively.  For example, an 'LL' 
     anchor point, with a x;y of .1,.1, will place the lower-left corner 
     of the color bar at view coordinates .1, .1.  The default anchor 
     point is 'LL'.

     x;y is the position for the anchor point of the color bar in view
     coordinates.  The default is .005, .05.
     Length;width are the length and width of the color bar, normalized to 
     the view coordinates.  The defaults are .5 for the length, and .01 for 
     the width.
     Frequency describes the levels to be labeled.  If the frequency is
     positive, the labels are plotted on the right/top of the color bar.
     If it is negative, the labels are plotted on the left/bottom of the
     color bar.  The default is -1.


         IMCBAR = 1			text and bounding box in color 1; 
					defaults for the rest of the input;

         IMCBAR = 5/V/ /.25;.1/1	text and bounding box in color 5;
					color bar plotted vertically;
					length and width .25 and .1 of the
					view window;
					all intervals labeled along left
					side of the color bar;
					color bar anchor point at lower-left;

         IMCBAR = 1//CL/.1;.5/.75;.1	text and bounding box in color 1;
					length and width .75 and .1 of the 
					view window;
					center-left of the color bar
					positioned at .1;.5 in view