GEMPAK Manual | Programs | Parameters

     EDGEOPTS is an option which allows users to specify boundary
     conditions for the analysis.

     The format of EDGEOPTS is:

	EDGEOPTS = [false|true/value1;distance1/value2;distance2/spec]

	--(false|true) is the flag to access outside domain contours.
	  default is false.
	--valueN is the numeric contour value to assign to the boundary condition.
        --distanceN is the distance in rows/columns away from the closest "spec".
        --spec is either "c" for contour, or "e" for a combination of contour and
	  grid edge, whichever is greater.

     Note: if contours extend beyond the grid edge, then (false|true) is set 
           to true by rule. 

 	   If an open line is entountered, the boundary condition will not
	   be specified.