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     DLINES indicates whether the direction of lines (order of points) should
     be taken into consideration when performing a graph-to-grid contour
     analysis.  For instance, if only one contour line is drawn, the situation 
     is ambiguous as to which side of the line should have values greater (or 
     lesser) than the contour value. The convention is that GREATER VALUES ARE 
     ALWAYS TO THE RIGHT OF THE LINE. DLINES also indicates if the left-of-line
     value is smaller.  If the DISCRETE option is enabled, then DLINES is 
     automatically TRUE for right of line.

     In cases where only like-valued contours exist (or a single contour), then
     the value of epsilon is added to grid points to the right of the contour

     This option defaults to 'yes' for right-of-line, and NO for left-of-
     line if the DISCRETE option is being applied.

	yes or no;yes or no [ | epsilon ]

     For example:

		DLINES = yes;yes|0.5