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     DATTIM is the date and time to be used by GEMPAK programs.
     DATTIM is an 11-character string entered as YYMMDD/HHMM, where:

		YY is the last two digits of the year   
		MM is the month                       
		DD is the day of the month
		/  is the date and time separator
		HH is the hour                       
		MM is the minutes past the hour

     The part before the / is the DATE; the part after the / is the TIME.

     DATTIM may be abbreviated.  If the input has no / , it is assumed 
     to be the TIME part.  An abbreviated version of either TIME or DATE 
     is assumed to be the part closest to the /.  The rest of the 
     standard time is obtained from the last time in the file.  For example, 
     if the last time in the file is 940515/1200 the following translations 
     will be done:

		13/11        ---->    940513/1100
		13           ---->    940515/1300
		13/          ---->    940513/1200
		0412/1300    ---->    940412/1300

     A list of times may be entered for DATTIM.  Times in the list must be 
     separated with semicolons.  For example:


     In the above example, the times are:

		940412/1300 and

     DATTIM may also be entered as a range.  The first and last times must 
     be separated by a minus sign. For example:


     A range with an increment may also be entered using minus signs as 
     separators.  The format of the increment is hhhmm.  If the increment 
     is one or two digits, it is assumed to be in hours.

     The following options are also valid for DATTIM:

		LAST	--	the last time in the file
		LIST	--	lists all times and waits for input
		ALL	--	all the times in the file
		/ALL	--	all the times for a single DATE.

     If /ALL is entered, all the times for the most recent date are processed.
     If /ALL is appended to a specific date, then all the times for that 
     date will be processed.