GEMPAK Manual | Programs | Parameters

     Grid file whose navigation is to be used in new grid file | subarea

     CPYFIL identifies the location of the grid navigation and analysis 
     information to be stored in a grid file, as well as an optional subarea.
     Three options are available:

        1.  If CPYFIL is blank, the information is taken from the input 
            for PROJ, GRDAREA, KXKY, and ANLYSS.

        2.  If CPYFIL begins with a #, the information is read from the 
            line in the grid navigation table which has the grid name or 
            number corresponding to the rest of CPYFIL.

        3.  If CPYFIL is the name of a current grid file, the grid and 
            navigation information will be copied from that file.

     For cases 2) and 3), the information may be followed by a vertical bar
     and a specified subarea.  This subarea has the same meaning as GAREA and
     may take on the same values.  The grid file that gets created has the 
     same navigation and grid spacing as that indicated by the first part 
     except over a smaller area.

     The input for CPYFIL may also be a file type (model alias). Valid 
     aliases may be found in the table "datatype.tbl" with CATEGORY 
     (column 4) equal to CAT_GRD.  When one of these file types is input, 
     the program searches locally for the most recent file first, then 
     locally for the previous file. If no files are found locally, the 
     program searches remotely for the most recent file, then remotely for 
     the previous file.

     NOTE: If CPYFIL is not blank, the values of PROJ, GRDAREA, KXKY,
     and ANLYSS will be ignored.