GEMPAK Manual | Programs | Parameters

     COLORS specifies a list of color numbers which must be separated 
     using semicolons:

		color 1 ; color 2 ; ... ; color n

     The last color in the list will be repeated, if necessary, to 
     determine all colors required by the program.

     Colors may be entered as a range in the form: first-last-increment.
     If the increment is not entered, 1 is assumed.

     Color-coding of any parameter may be done based on its own value or 
     on the value of any other computable parameter.  There is a one-to-
     one correspondence between the elements in the color list and the
     elements in the parameter list (e.g., SFPARM).  To color-code any 
     parameter, replace its corresponding color number in the COLORS
     list with the form:

 	(v1;v2;...;vN-1/c1;c2;...;cN/PARM/E)   or
 	(v1-vN-1-vInc/c1-cN-cInc/PARM/E)       or
 	a combination of a list and a range

     where the v's are parameter values, the c's are color numbers, and
     PARM is the parameter whose value determines the color.  If PARM
     is omitted, the parameter will be color-coded based on its own value.
     The number of values must be one less than the number of colors.  If
     a value range is used, an increment must be specified.  If a color
     range is used and no increment is specified, 1 is assumed.  For
     example, to color-code a marker based on the 3-hour flash flood
     guidance value, the color element corresponding to the parameter
     MARK could be specified as:


     meaning that values less than or equal to .5 inch would be plotted 
     with color 2, values greater than .5 but less than or equal to 1
     would be plotted with color 19, etc.

     The E is a flag to indicate whether to include the break value with
     the lower range or the upper range of values. Valid values are L
     and U, respectively. The default is L for inclusion in the lower
     range of values. In the above example, the first data range is
     X <= 0.5, the second is 0.5 < X <= 1.0, etc. If the U flag is added,
     the ranges change to X < 0.5, 0.5 <= X < 1.0, etc.

     If the input is blank, a default of 1 is used.  If a color number 
     of 0 is entered, that parameter or line will not be plotted.
     New color assignments may be made by appending the following commands
     to the color number:

	=INIT	--	all colors are initialized to device-dependent

	=NAME	--	this color number is set to the color specified
			in NAME

	=r:g:b	--	this color number is set using RGB components in
			r, g, and b which must be separated using colons.
			These components must be in the range 0 - 255.

     Note that only =INIT may be appended to a range.

     Color number 101 is the background color.

     Note that the GIF driver does not accept NAME.
     The following colors are the default colors for the given devices:

	    1			31	VANILLA		bisque1
	    2			2	RED		red
	    3			3	GREEN		green
	    4			4	BLUE		blue
	    5			5	YELLOW		yellow
	    6			6	CYAN		cyan
	    7 			7	MAGENTA		magenta
	    8			8	BROWN		sienna3
	    9			9	CORAL		sienna1
	    10			10	APRICOT		tan1
	    11			11	PINK		LightPink1
	    12			12	DKPINK		IndianRed1
	    13			13	MDVIOLET	firebrick2
	    14			14	MAROON		red4
	    15			15	FIREBRICK	red3
	    16			16	ORRED		OrangeRed2
	    17			17	ORANGE		DarkOrange1
	    18			18	DKORANGE	orange3
	    19			19	GOLD		gold1
	    20			20	DKYELLOW	yellow2
	    21			21	LWNGREEN	chartreuse1
	    22			22	MDGREEN		green3
	    23			23	DKGREEN		green4
	    24			24	GRPBLUE		DodgerBlue4
	    25			25	LTBLUE		DodgerBlue1
	    26			26	SKY		DeepSkyBlue2
	    27			27	MDCYAN		cyan2
	    28			28	VIOLET		MediumPurple3
	    29			29	PURPLE		purple2
	    30			30	PLUM		magenta4
	    31			32	WHITE		white
	    32	    1		1	BLACK		black
		    2			G95		gray95
		    3			G90		gray90
		    4			G85		gray85
		    5			G80		gray80
		    6			G75		gray75
		    7 			G70		gray70
		    8			G65		gray65
		    9			G60		gray60
		    10			G55		gray55
		    11			G50		gray50
		    12			G45		gray45
		    13			G40		gray40
		    14			G35		gray35
		    15			G30		gray30
		    16			G25		gray25
		    17			G20		gray20
		    18			G15		gray15
		    19			G10		gray10
		    20			G05		gray5

     On the color devices, colors 8 through 30 will provide a range of
     colors from brown to red to orange to yellow to green to blue to violet.
     On the Postscript device, 20 gray shades are used.