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     CATMAP is a string that contains "label=value" pairs. "Label" can have
     a wildcard option having the format: x*, where "x" is the initial character
     of the label and "*" is the wildcard portion. The label is case
     insensitive.  The individual label-value pairs are separated by semicolons:


     For example:

     Example using the wildcard option in the label:


     The wildcard label of D* will match all labels beginning with the letter
     "D" and set the value to 14.  This is particularly useful for day labels
     which begin with the letter D in Extended Outlook VGFs.  Note that
     because the label-value pair, D20=0 appears before D*=14, the label D20
     will have the value 0 associated with it and all other labels beginning
     with the letter D will have the value of 14.  If the label-value pair D*=14
     had appeared before D20=0 in the CATMAP string, then the wildcard option
     would have taken precedence over the D20=0 and the label D20 would have
     had the value 14 associated with it and not 0.

     Labels are considered character strings and values are considered 
     floating point values.

     For unlabeled lines, character string needs to set to "UNLABELED".

     For example: