Examples of GEMPAK Analysis and Display Capabilities

Create GIF images immediately when NEXRAD level 3 products arrive via LDM

Ensemble functions
Product Generation / Graph-to-Grid / Region of Interest
Scatterometer data: Jason2 SGWH, OSCT_HI, ASCT_HI
Image <--> Grid
NEXRAD Level III National Composites
NEXRAD Level II display capabilities
Redbook Graphics display
Using Topopgraphic Bases
Nowrad Display
NIDS data Display
NLDN lightning Data
NSAT Displays
Profiler Displays
Cross sections
Radar Coded Message display
ACARS data display

GEMPAK plots of IDD topology/latencies
Creating images for WWW
Enhancements, Tables, etc

GEMPAK Scripts Repository

A script collection is available on Unidata's RAMADDA data repository. GEMPAK users are encouraged to upload product generation scripts (login required) for community access.