GEMPAK 6.4.0

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What's New

  1. Support for migration to AWIPS II
    1. Updates to the library were made to support conversion from the legacy VG file format to the AWIPS II XMLDVG file format, and vice versa.
    2. Updates the functions that allow access to the AWIPS II database for the GEMPAK applications. Removed unneeded functions. Added new functions, tables and header files. Modified many makefiles to accommodate the required list of libraries during the build.
  2. Updated the TCA product creation for Pacific Region for situations when a storm crosses from the East Pacific area to the Central Pacific area. The storm needs to continue with an EP designation, but the products need to reference the CP area. Added the ability for the user to override the computed file names.
  3. Fixed the display of Redbook and AFOS graphics. Modified the read function to skip the non-Redbook header instead of relying on a hard-coded length value. The display is used for testing the creation of the products.
  4. Fixed a bug reported by HPC in GDGRIB2. On 64-bit processors, the parameter name was not found and the application generated an error. Fixed the problem by ensuring that all strings are properly-terminated when passing between Fortran and C.
  5. Fixed a bug reported by the Pacific Region where Volcanic Ash International SIGMETs had the wrong lat/lon points.
  6. Allow the display of ASCAT Ambiguities 3 and 4. This work was done by Greg McFadden, OPC.
  7. Modified the shapefile processing applications and library to work with new shapefiles generated by NWS HQ. Increased the number of keys allowed in the file header. Modified the keys search function to identify county and marine zone files when processing the combined output files.
  8. Added a check for Canadian Ensemble grid analysis times and convert them to 00-hour forecasts.
  9. Modified the VGF to Tag and Tag to VGF conversions to change < and > to < and > in the value string.
  10. Modified the TCV breakpoint function to split Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands into multiple locations. This work was done by Chris Lauer, NHC.
  11. Updated TPC2SHP to handle storms that cross 180 degrees longitude. This work was done by Alison Krautkramer, NHC.
  12. Added the Great Lakes to the list of states and marine areas in a FROM line for the ARTCC output. This work was done by Larry Hinson, AWC.
  13. Maps and Tables
    1. Updated hurricane breakpoint stations tables for the 2011 season.
    2. Added two Russian upper air stations.
    3. Updated information for three Mexican upper air stations.
    4. Applied regular updates from the NWSHQ for the maps, bounds files and station tables.

UPC Additions & Modifications

  1. GARP is no longer compiled with GEMPAK, as it is a brittle and unstable program which the UPC no longer supports. Because of the widespread use of GARP throughout the GEMPAK community, GARP will still be included with GEMPAK6.4.0, but must be built separately from $NAWIPS/comet/. Yes, the time has finally come: GARP is provided "as-is".
  2. Support for NIDS level3 high-res dual-polarization products:
    1. Digital Differential Reflectivity
    2. Digital Correlation Coefficient
    3. Digital Specific Differential Phase
    4. Digital Hydrometeor Classification
    5. Storm Total Accumulation
    6. Digital Accumulation Array
    7. Digital Storm Total Accumulation
    8. Digital User-Selectable Accumulation
    9. Digital One-Hour Difference Accumulation
    10. Digital Storm Total Difference Accumulation
    11. Hybrid Hydrometeor Classification
  3. A bug in NEXRAD high-resolution digital vertically integrated liquid (DVL) display values was fixed.
  4. A bug in the plotting of NIDS VAD (Velocity-Azimuth Display) products was fixed to remove unwanted background maps from being drawn.
  5. Adjustments to N0Q (high-resolution base reflectivity) color bar were made for GPMAP/NMAP2, eliminating the unnecessary drawing of blank ranges associated with high (>75) and low (<0) dBZ values. Also removed the trailing decimal places after the dBZ value (displaying 5 dBZ integers rather than floating point numbers, as requested by users).
  6. Added support for High-res Enhanced Echo Tops (EET)
  7. Bug fix for GPNEXR2 handling of NEXRAD Level2 archive files.
  8. Added NIDS product descriptions to the NMAP2 data selection menu.
  9. Added support for GOES-15 replacement of GOES-11.
  10. Added road maps for Mexico (lordmx.gsf, mdrdmx.gsf, hirdmx.gsf)

List of Modified Tables

List of Modified Maps