NetCDF Decoders


Unidata's NetCDF Decoders package is no longer being actively maintained or supported.

Surface/Upperair Decoders (perlDecoders)

The Surface/Upperair Decoders package (perlDecoders) converts textual bulletins into netCDF formatted files.

This package usually works in conjunction with the LDM package to convert incoming products to the netCDF format without storing the raw data. There are perl decoders for the following textual report types: METAR, buoy, upper air, and synoptic products.

This package requires the installation of netCDF, UDUNITS, and the netCDF perl packages to work.

To decode current GRIB 1 and GRIB 2 data, use the netCDF Java package.

Mar 7, 2013
Latest Release of perlDecoders as a gzipped tar file. To install the decoders with the LDM, add these pqact entries into your LDM pqact.conf file.