Unidata-Wisconsin Datastream Update

Unidata-Wisconsin Datastream Update

Tom Yoksas & Mike Schmidt
Unidata Program Center / UCAR
February 15, 2007

GOES-10 coverage inclusions

On Tuesday, January 30 Unidata realigned the satellite dish at the NCAR Mesa Lab and successfully began ingesting GOES-10 (commonly referred to as GOES-South in Unidata) imagery using equipment that had been excessed by various groups in NCAR/UCAR and the Unidata community, and McIDAS SDI software licensed from the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

On Wednesday, January 31 GOES-10 imager sectors were integrated into the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream (IDD feedtype UNIWISC) GOES-East (currently GOES-12) products for the benefit of the US and international Unidata community, especially universities in Latin America.

The pictures below show representative coverage being provided by GOES-10 and the results of their inclusion in Unidata-Wisconsin GOES-East data products:


Figure 1: Representative areal coverage of GOES-10 imager channels. Click in the image to load an animation of GOES-10 image sectors.


Figure 2: Representative Unidata-Wisconsin datastream GOES-East north-south composite products that include GOES-10 imagery.
Click in the image to load an animation of GOES-East image sectors.


NOTE(s) on Figure 2 composite imagery: