2024 Awards

2024 Awards

The primary purpose of the Unidata Community Equipment Awards is to encourage new members from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in the geosciences to join the Unidata community, and for existing members to continue their active participation so as to enhance the community process. This is an open call to fund purchases of equipment that aids academic institutions in using Unidata technologies to further teaching and research in the geosciences. Applicants are strongly encouraged to get assistance with hardware requirements for their activity before submitting a proposal by contacting the UPC at support-egrants@unidata.ucar.edu.

It is the intent of this award program to assist institutions in a variety of situations, including (but not limited to):

In keeping with Unidata's most recent proposal to the National Science Foundation for continued program funding, additional emphasis will be placed on providing support for institutions serving populations that are underrepresented in the broad geoscience community. Unidata is dedicated to broadening participation by minority serving institutions, and we particularly encourage small institutions, academic departments that have not previously submitted proposals to this program, and programs outside Unidata's traditional atmospheric sciences community to apply.

We're here to help

Unidata Program Center staff are available to assist proposers throughout the process, from advising on proposal preparation and hardware specification to assisting with installation and configuration of Unidata software technologies. (Note that while Unidata staff will continue to provide advice and technical support for running projects, ongoing maintenance and operation of technology acquired through the Equipment Awards program is the responsibility of the grantee institution.)

Proposals from academic institutions outside the United States will be considered. However, preference will be given to academic institutions within the U.S.

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Awardee Information

Institution & PI Proposal/Report
Coastal Carolina University
Paul T. Gayes
Establishing Weather & Climate Instructional and Research Students Services at Coastal Carolina University Via the Creation of the UCAR Facility for Oceanic & Atmospheric Modeling & Visualization (FOAM-V)
Proposal |
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona Beach
Christopher G. Herbster
Hardware Enhancements to Support Physics Informed Machine Learning (PIML) to Improve Airport Weather Forecasts
Proposal |
Howard University
Nakul Karle
Enhancing Computing Accessibility in the Atmospheric Science Program at Howard University
Proposal |
University of Missouri
Patrick S. Market
Maintaining access to LDM and EDEX data streams to support CAVE and legacy NAWIPS software at the University of Missouri
Proposal |

Questions About the 2024 Equipment Awards?

Questions or comments about the 2024 Equipment Awards can be sent to: support-egrants@unidata.ucar.edu