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[Support #MGB-595464]: Re: 20060103: Building ldm-6.4.4 under HP-UX 11.23 using gcc

> In regards to hmr-1 (unix), initally created queue at
> 1G.  Now cannot mkqueue greater that 995M
> $ ldmadmin mkqueue
> Jan 13 20:12:52 pqcreate[15149] ERROR: mmap: 00000000 0 1015898112: Not
> enough space
> pqcreate: create "/usr/local/ldm/data/ldm.pq" failed: Not enough space
> Jan 13 20:12:52 UTC hmr-1.hfo.noaa.gov : make_pq: mkqueue failed
> I have another machine running the same hpux version and results are the
> same.  No problem with linux.

I belive the operating system is preventing the pqcreate(1) from memory-mapping 
the product-queue because there's not enough memory.   Check your memory limits 
with the top(1) utility (both physical and swap).  Let me know what you find.

Steve Emmerson

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