NetCDF-Java 4.0 API

thredds.catalog Reads and writes THREDDS Dataset Inventory Catalog XML documents.
ucar.ma2 Multidimensional arrays of primitives and objects with data stored in memory.
ucar.nc2 The public API to the Java-NetCDF library.
ucar.nc2.constants Enumerated constants used throughout the library.
ucar.nc2.dataset An extension to the netCDF API which provides support for coordinate systems, scale/offset/missing data, and NcML.
ucar.nc2.dataset.conv Parses the information in netCDF datasets using Conventions, and extracts information about coordinate systems.
ucar.nc2.dataset.transform Pluggable framework for handling Coordinate Transforms, both Projections and Vertical.
ucar.nc2.dt Scientific data types package.
ucar.nc2.ft Scientific feature types package
ucar.nc2.units Utility classes for scientific units and ucar.units package.
ucar.nc2.util Miscellaneous utility classes.
ucar.unidata.geoloc Support library for georeferencing coordinate systems and transformations.
ucar.unidata.geoloc.projection Implementations of coordinate projection transformations.
ucar.unidata.geoloc.vertical Implementations of vertical coordinate transformations. Input/Output utilities.
ucar.unidata.util Miscellaneous utilities.