NetCDF 3.6.0 Release Notes

The source distribution for netCDF 3.6.0 is now available in compressed tar, gzipped tar form. Instructions for installation are available in the INSTALL file that accompanies the software or online.

Version 3.6 includes improved large file support, simplified installation, bug fixes, and portability enhancements to version 3.5. The original netCDF file format is still supported as the default, so files written with version 3.6 can be read with previous versions and vice versa. Existing source code requires no code changes.

Version 3.6 also supports a new variant of the file format with 64-bit offsets for very large files. Minor code changes are required to create such files by using a non-default flag on creation, and files that use the new 64-bit offset variant will not be readable by previous versions of the netCDF library. Applications built with the version 3.6 library will be able to access both formats transparently.

Changes Since Version 3.5.1

Changes Since Version 3.5.0

Providing Feedback

Questions or suggestions about this release may be sent to <>, mentioning the platform and version of the software.

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