Unidata Joint Committee Meeting October 2017

2017 Joint Committee Meeting

Strategic Advisory Committee
Users Committee
16 - 18 October, 2017
Unidata Program Center, Boulder, Colorado

Normally, the Unidata Users Committee and Strategic Advisory Committee meet separately. Every few years the committees schedule a joint meeting, allowing members of both committees to discuss Unidata together, each bringing their own unique viewpoints.

High-level Agenda

Monday, 16 October, morning: New committee member orientation

Monday, 16 October, afternoon: Users committee meets

Tuesday, 17 October, all day: Joint committee meets

Wednesday, 18 October, morning: Strategic Advisory committee meets

More detailed agendas will be available several weeks before the meeting.

Staff Status Reports

Staff Status Reports are available online.

Download a PDF version of the agenda and all status reports for offline reading.

(PDF version not yet ready, please check back)
(Note that the PDF version is created before the meeting and may not contain late-breaking changes to the reports or agenda.)

Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda will be available here several weeks before the meeting.

Meeting Summary

The meeting summary will be available here after the meeting.

Meeting Actions

The meeting actions will be available here after the meeting.